Today’s teacher don’t want to teach us; they want money, cars and possessions.

It is strange but it is true. The more we grow, the more we come to know that our teachers are in no way to teach us anyway. There’s been always a decline to good teaching and nicer teaching staff. An assistant prof. is one who is only named after concerned university or central or state government. I don’t know how they are supposed to strangle the throat of talent and enthusiastic students with terrible grammar and misspellings in the first. Today’s teachers are gone materialized as they don’t have really a single way to make understand their students.

    Those who get a good person in intact with. Preferably should be the luckiest persons among us. It’s hard to find a good mentor. Very hard. Plus, if you were not to a space for your talent, you have in you. It becomes even more worse to compromise with.

     In the whole curriculum of ones. One may find a easy way to go through the one subject. And typical to the others. But with the passage of time. It lowers the energy that one have had to hit to that very particular subject if they haven’t manned up with the other subjects.

So, take notes. Do not make your relatives and dears to take a subject which later on them becomes hectic. Try to locate their position in a place whence they’ll belong to.

Maybe some of them can play cricket for Kashmir someday. And someone will make it to moon someday. And the others can be just like poets, writers, photographers and some others will shine as scientists. While others will co-operate to business and tourism sectors. And the most brilliant ones; let them be as teachers and sociologists of the nation.

  Not one sun, will bring us all light
   To our darkness are needed a
         thousand lighters
      And a thousand candles who’ll
            glow where they want to

Today’s teachers will ruin them, so before that somebody needs to be
there to exhume them; to mentor and guide them till they’ll find the righteous path.


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