Jasmine 2

After a year or so. I was in her memories that day, when a phone call ringed my cell. I opened, I thought, it might be a wrong number but it ringed once more. And I decided to take it:

“Hmmm? Hello!” I asked.

There was no reply, not a single word. Only I could hear were heavy breaths. Heavy breaths. But yes! I couldn’t think who was it on phone. I thought it might be prevailing to the bad weather conditions that that chaos was across the whole Jammu and Kashmir during floods.

But very soon I fell of asleep interim watching a Cartoon Channel. After 2 hours of sleep. When I wake up. I quite left my closet and cleaned my throat and washed my face in the washroom.
I was kind of rubbing my hairs with towel, when I heard a mobile phone vibrating. By the time, I entered into the room to find out who was what to it. The phone had stopped vibrating. As I looked for my phone; It was my phone.
“Who was it ringing to” says my mother.

“Ha! Nothing, nothing. I don’t know, who’s it or how can it that someone would call in such conditions anyway.”

I looked the phone message pop-up. It was showing “13 missed calls” missed from the same number.

As soon as, I tried to call it back again. It did had started already calling me back.

“Who’s it please, you have already annoyed me, Can you just tell me who you are?”

“Whispering words…h-ello, how’re you?”

“Jasmine?! [Tears with a smile]…Jasmine how’re you?
Are you OK? Where are you?”

(Jasmine was a Muslim-Shia and I a Muslim-Suni and to this I was just trying to keep off from loverhood.
When we, are all humans, therefore, I wanted to marry her human appearance, and love her human soul and bodily.)

“I want to meet you.” said she with sobbing.

“Look, Jasmine. I too want to meet you, but stop sob and tell me where are you?”

“I’m at—really I don’t know the places name, you can name it nowhere. Floods have panicked there though still in our locality as the houses are not secure to live in at this point of time. I will contact you again.”

Three days later;-

No contact, only, the fact *All lines are currently busy*

“Goddamit, damn network, this network—I’m going to kill this network.”

“In main Bandipora half of the network operating systems have been already restored.” Says my friend.

I would walk each evening a mile or two near to the Wallur’s embankment to connect with the main Bandipora network.

On third evening, it finally connected to.

Long ringing would increase my heartbeat and make me get more curious where she would be.

“Hello, Haziq…Where are you, I’m at Bandipora. We are with our relatives!”

My friend, told me to go for it and I called her to near the Nishat Park of Bandipora. That eve we hugged and the tears wouldn’t stop from both of ours cheeks.

“Jasmine, you’re my whole thing. I missed you, terribly.”

[Smiles] “Haziq”

“What’s been up with this creed, colour, casts. I’m not a racist. Are you?”

“No! I’m not. Certainly not. But my extended family is!”

“It doesn’t matter to me. Your ‘extended family’, so what?”

“I’m have to marry with you. And that’s it.”

*Shaking her head*

“Anyway I will later text/call you?”

“No network!”

“Lair, huh?”

“Lair, yes! But not on this stage. In Bandipora only the part of the network is restored, that too in the main town only.”

“Haziq, I have got to go. My, any of the relatives will kill me. If they see me, you know!”

Her parents were already fixing their plans for her with her cousin which I knew, she knew but she hid from me.

After a period of eight months. She states her statement that if I wanted to marry her. I could ask for her parents. But I had to make consent with my parents too, above all.

“Mom, she’s a nice girl, an arts student.
Please if you could meet her.”

“She’s a Shia?”


“Get, anyone of the girl. I will accept, but from the—your own religion and community!”

The only option, there left was an elope, and we did that.

Kill racism, across the globe.


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