“Two audio notes”

“And yes! Idiot, I’m texting to you from Beenish’s phone number.
I knew that you had not blocked here from the application. So I decided to get back through you.
Please! Don’t block me from this number, they may come to know it. I haven’t held this to anyone. So, what I’m going to tell them about me that that I’m gone mad!
I will just wait for you, till you’ll unblock me, if you want to be, if you’ll just give me a one chance only. I’ll wait uptil this evening.  I’m waiting. At last, this much, just, this much; I Love you very much so! Very much!
Whatever you’ll say I’ll do. I can do anything for. I say anything. I can even drop off my whole thing for you. I’ll stoop down on your feet. When you could’ve given to Aasiya , so much chances, why not give me a one?
I too want one! Just one. I too want.
Idiot, I can’t live without you, Idiot. You’re everything for me ‘each  and everything’. If you didn’t unblock me uptil this eve. I’ll take it as that you’re in a relationship, you don’t want to hold me back.
Anyway, at last. I’ll tell you it again. I Love you.”

“Idiot, I have lost everything in my life. Everything. I don’t want to lose you. I swear to God I can’t even read. I can’t sleep nor eat nor drink, nothing neither. I’m gone mad. If I lost you; I’m going to die sooner. Remember it! , I will get failed in my IST-year class, and you’ll be held responsible for. I’ll take a bow to your feet, idiot. Give me a one chance, just one. Just once take me.  Whatever you’ll say after that, I’ll do. I accept that I’ve done a mistake but I did not cheat on you, idiot. I accept that I’ve done a mistake. I swear to you my legs are broken off now. My tongue is been clumped down now, and I’m gone mad. I’ll wait uptil this eve to unblock me. If you did it then OK, if not I’ll understand it that you’re in a relation and you don’t wañt to take me.
At last, I’ll say it again, I Love you!
Now I that know what you mean to me. Now I know it what are you for me!”

Her it goes, you follow my toes
I follow yours
You my happiness, you my life, girl
‘Cause you my sweetness, you my “Khushi”

Promise me you’ll never give me for nothiñg
I’m a be always there for you.


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