How a misogynistic is transmuted to a feminist?

How a misogynistic transmutes to a
Acid attacks to women have been increasingly going from the
past few years. Are women being safe in our society, where
are social reforms?
Where are the agencies who are working on it at?
The truth is our country; be it on a small scale or, large scale
want commodity and money; They want our country to grow
by a ‘single step large evolution’.
Our youth are either jealous or dumb that makes them to get
straight to get mania. If something, you feel the same. A good
counseling should provide you better results. In everyone’s life
there comes a phase of transition either from good to bad.
But everyone who knows sanity must know insanity at the
same time. A good individual’s sign is s/he acts so cool to
the situation that others might never know that what’s
happening to them?
No, I say, “No”. Sharing your internal instincts with your
friends, family or preachers must help you to avoid the deep
blackened thoughts of you and will prevent surely you from
Love is a good thing to get in bad times
It will save you for the next good times
By Love, I mean you should always consult to your known
It be your friend, your sibling, or, any other family member.
If someone has done wrong to you, and you aren’t able to get
off it, then don’t go by it.
Wrong doings will always produce wrong results for you.
Time will pause the whole thing and, surely, times will be
there, when you’ll have better opportunities.
You just have to wait for next hour or so.
So this is all a form of time that is to be there. No matter
where you’ll run.
One needs to get it know that ‘ obsession may get them
through illusion’.
Hatred against anything will get the opposite on you.
Better education right from the childhood is one of the good
source of social reform to look on. There needs to have more
strengthened law and action against these kinds of insanities;
so a person who’s in a will to do such a bad thing will almost
think, not thousand times but at least, hundred times.
This will unequivocally not produce the fair results!


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