I never mind in any other business whenever I be listening to sweet music. Music is reflection of our self. It explains us a lot we can relate to. However one must realise what kind of music one should listen to. Some part of music gives you the feelings of relapse interim other kinds of it makes you relax.
Music is invasion to a world of turmoils in relationships or at the same time, a truth, truth of being unheard over some factual findings which otherwise should have been already lying there on to that specific point of time. A musical note can put you to think, and might draw you to in an attention to put out a new thought.
One should never be listening to music only, but they should write to read it and write for their culture as well. Within this much of a space I can write to what extent I been relating to.
Music can destruct you, and it can overwhelm to you in it. A musicianship never bothers what they are making or supplying is a bunch of “coke” and “drugs”.
My two cents say if you be listening to music without entering into the music, you are squandering the moment ’cause it will just do opposite on you.

Music is a muse of thoughts.
You don’t know the way to listen to
Why bother, just avoid it.


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