Happy Birthday To You

Years to come, years have sung
Happy Birthday To you.

May Allah help you, guide you
In every step from this year of
your Life to infinite breaths you

   “Today no one is you-er than you are your.”

        Age cuts under an age
         We chase and chase
       Right down we write many
            Of it on pages.

      For the best friends;- We
       do whatever we can
     For this reason we sometimes
         feel ashamed the other
        things we could have either?
     Is a source of some little pain.

Why bother when we have no plans for tomorrow ’cause morrow
      We will be the same friends
          again, Same .

  So keep swaying in smiles, life is
       a journey to few miles
    Who knows what lies in our
         files? God. Only God.

     I know you’ll answer the same,

You’re an inert, ingenious and a very kind person.
In thinks you have variegated and
partisan person in you.
For this, I’d like to
Thank you.”

      May Allah help you maintain
        With your Tranquility
      And give you new acclivity
           with every new year of,
                  Your Life.

    And it’s who he made Universe
        Made Earth, and heavens
           And Skies, stars
         And unseen things
     May he help you find your
         Dreams and Wishes
          Come true, for now
              And forever.
     Ever far have propensity
         And mammoth your
        gloominess into gleeful

My wishes, my best wishes:
Happy Birthday To You.




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